Bitcoin Private Rebase Testnet Has Arrived

Development activity has kicked into full force over the last couple weeks and has been revitalized with a slew of fresh developers and testers.

Thanks to the development work of ch4ot1c, JC, and J62 and rigorous testing from MattPass, Aguilaair, and richardvt the Rebase Testnet (Github found here) is up and running in -regtest mode (fully functional testnet will follow very soon).

The testnet brings the ability for the entire community to join us in rigorous testing, giving developers and the community a much better sample size of tested commands on the Bitcoin Private network / blockchain.

In its current state, the Rebase Testnet has fully functional transparent transactions, including SegWit (P2SH-P2WPKH, P2SH-P2WSH, and bech32 addresses). Shielded transactions are on their way!

Anyone and everyone will be able to use bitcoin-cli to put the network through its paces and ensure everything is in working order and help squash those bugs.

In celebration of recent progress in Bitcoin documentation, [and in the spirit of a more inclusive cryptography and privacy knowledge base in the community], we are actively documenting both Bitcoin and Zclassic as we continue the Rebase. See here for the latest `bitcoind` and `bitcoin-cli` docs

Not familiar with bitcoin-cli? No worries, MattPass has you covered.

Matt has developed an entirely web based bitcoin-cli console that is available to the masses! This web based console is so user friendly, no prior knowledge of bitcoin-cli is needed!

This should give a massive number of users access to the testnet and all it’s features.

The increase of users who can test and play on the testnet, many will have the tools made available to them to easily get involved with the development of this project.

Along with the release of the Rebase Testnet comes a centralized location for all development discussions where future development discussions will take place. This new Discord is completely open to the public to help facilitate transparency with the development moving forward and create a better environment to foster in new developers. Community members can watch and read up on the latest developments and see real-time progress. This is a new initiative to increase the transparency of the project and its progress..

Bitcoin Private thrives as an active community, and benefits greatly from any and everything that all of you do with Bitcoin Private.

Get involved, stay informed, and most importantly, stay private.

Bitcoin & ZClassic fork-merge with a focus on making private cryptocurrency transactions mainstream.

Bitcoin & ZClassic fork-merge with a focus on making private cryptocurrency transactions mainstream.